Wow, they’re really delicious!

This morning i woke up when it was raining. I said to myself "What should i do now? It's boring". Yes, because i have a free day and i wanted to visit some friends but not with rain.My friend left me alone to go out! She sent a message to me to say that she was very happy, hm hm. Surfing some blogs i really like and i found a new recipe from Tilla, I decided to try.
I'm not good at cooking. Luckily, Carrot buns aren't difficult.:) . Finally, i've just finihed. I call my neighbour to taste. She says those are great and she likes them. Wow, it's wonderfull. (Thank you, Tilla). This weekend i'll make them again.


2 thoughts on “Wow, they’re really delicious!

  1. Hi, glad to see you here. I've tried your recipes and they were wonderful. My friend came back and she liked them too. Great. Then, I tried changing something and it's not bad 🙂

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