Xin hãy dừng lại một phút/ Stop a minute for reading this, please!

Trường An và một người anh họ/ Trường An and her cousin brother

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Are you here

Always wonder how you felt
When it came to you
Always wonder why I couldn’t feel something wrong with you
Always wonder how I could sleep when it came to you
Always wonder
If I was a good daughter to you

I don’t know why I could be so cold
Many times I was so cold
Tho you could have gone before…
No, I had never dared to think about
One day you would go away

How could I be so cold
When I knew I was the only one you told
The only one
You shared your thought about…
The one should have been there
For you
And taken your hands
How could I know
They would be too cold
When I touched them again
…the last time

Other people were able to be around
Seeing you
Touching your face
And telling you
It was the last…
Saying goodbye to you
And me?
I was there but had no chance to do
That was the first and the only time I wished
I’d been born in another year…

My heart’s crying
Are you here?

at twilight

Walking in the paddy field harvesting
There is rice but no more grain
And no more storks flying on
The color of old rice’s feet covers my eyes
And cold wind’s blowing
Some buffaloes are gazing at dried ground
What can they find here?
Is there any grass?
I don’t see even a green point

Why I’ve passed thru for more than 20 years
Most things stay the same here
In every winter
It seems to be nothing changed
Except white storks
They are starting to be disappeared
Only poor brown color covers here
How does the field still survive?
And until when?
A cold wind can’t heal the pain of it
Without rain – its face is broken

Don’t want to make new holes on the broken brown face
…Taking off my shoes
And blue feeling’s gone
Is it true when I hear dry ground whispering under my feet?
“Nothing changes now but all
You just can not see…
Waiting until spring…
Everything has its time”