Behind the laughter

My phone rang
I talked something
I laughed aloud
You heard a joke
I laughed again
You saw a funny woman!
Would you imagine
how I feel
It was only hurt
Too hurt for me
I did not know
How it could be
But it was there
I could not share
I could not tell
Why it could be
Behind the laughter you heard
just hurt
for me…


19 thoughts on “Behind the laughter

  1. :awww: you feel hurt?uhm..i never seen you posted about your hurt before i thinbk this s first time i found about fact i dont know what is make you feel hurt but hope you can get out of this feel soon and get up soon 😀

  2. Lex, I'm a normal person, you know 😀 Anyway, that was just a moment and it had gone already. Thank you.S9, cây cỏ đâu nào, một mảng tường đấy chứ 😀

  3. Originally posted by thaodp:

    S9, cây cỏ đâu nào, một mảng tường đấy chứ

    mảng tường ấy … bị ai cụng đầu vào hay sao ?? :p :p

  4. Originally posted by sweet9:

    mảng tường ấy … bị ai cụng đầu vào hay sao ??

    Nếu nàng cụng đầu vào đâu thì để tớ xoa dầu cho Sẽ hết hurt ngay thui 😀

  5. Pam, I think so.Darko :DS9, một ai đó cao cao ha ;)TRang, 😆 chắc tớ phải bắc thêm cái ghế may ra cụng vào đó được nàng à 😆 Để dành dầu xoa cho bác K đi vậy :p

  6. Sorry I missed it last time.Originally posted by Dacotah:

    In a lot of pain again.

    I hope you feel better soon. Do you know what cause that pain?Mine was good 🙂

  7. That's okay Mit, I've missed comments before too. Thank you. I hope so too. Not sure. I'll talk to my surgeon tomorrow. Happy yours was good. 🙂

  8. Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    I think it is good to be able to write about our hurt. It makes it go away faster.

    Indeed. So as talking to someone. Just by telling we often can find the solution… :up::happy: to hear you are fine now, Mit! :yes:

  9. 😉 Mit … very very very 'strong' post … "You can only be strong if people around you let you show your weakness!" … that's a poor translation of a sentence from the German philosopher Th. W. Adorno … it guided me through the last 30 years … in my eyes, Mit you are strong showing your feelings … very special nd touching … thank you for sharing :heart:

  10. :happy: you're welcome, Mit … I feel the same about wriing down what is going on within me … it helps and often lets me take a deep breathof relief after having finished 😉

  11. Thank you, Dirk. This entry showed how I felt at that moment. Sometimes it is not easy to talk to others what I am thinking, what I feel but writing it down always helps me much. Thank you for reading :heart:

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