Football and I

On my way back
Thinking of a coming football match
I realize there won’t be any call for me after that
After a crazy football match
Nobody will call me like you did

…Sitting in the silent night
There is no sound but my own breath
Tears naturally fall
That I know I miss you so so much
Writing a message
Just to tell somebody I miss you
Though it will definitely not be sent
It is midnight now…


If someday

If someday I miss you

Want deeply to see my love

Will you come here immediately and hold me tight

To sweep all my sadness away

And bring back my smiles

If someday I miss you

And run to you like a child

Will you spend time with me and give me your shoulders

To lean on and cry

…. If someday I need you

Will you be here?


Some words after listening to this song for hours 😀

Have a wonderful month, you all :heart: