Her first student must be her sibling sister. They usually played teaching game when they were kids. She wished to be a teacher, just like her mom and dad, so she could teach all children around. Her sister volunteered to be her student. The sweet student listened to her stories with all her joyfulness, took part in every weird game she invented. Sometimes the student did not want to learn writing or reading (they pretended they could write and read like their mother) so she told that her fingers hurt, her legs were sore. She said that she wanted to be piggybacked and they could go around the house. When climbing on her teacher’s back, the little one always seemed to be excited. She pointed her teacher how that flower was beautiful, how those chickens were lovely, etc. For the student wasn’t much smaller than her sister, after going for a while, the little teacher was tired but tried her best to take her student around. They both enjoyed the carrying game so much. The teacher felt as she really grew up, just like other sisters she had seen in their village – wow, they carried their sisters/ brothers so easily. She believed that all older sisters had to be able to do like that. Looking at them, you know that how easy teaching game can become carrying game.

When they grew up, the younger sister did not remember when they played teaching game but her sister kept it in her heart as a precious treasure. She still wished to be a teacher and did everything to make her dream come true. However, her joy of teaching seemed to fade away day by day. She still loved teaching but she did not feel happy to teach her students any more. Something was broken. Her eyes were covered by sadness when she said about teaching, about her childhood’s dream. Once she thought about giving it up and turned her life into another way that did not relate to teaching. Luckily, she met an old crazy man who was nearly eighty but still loved to teach children and he had his special way to do that. She was surprised and did not really believe in whatever he talked first. So patiently he changed her mind by his natural love for children, by his theory of teaching, by the special way he communicate with children, by his belief in children. She talked to her dad about the old man and his special way of working with children. Her father smiled and told her that he thought she found out the right way to move on then. And, he was right. She found her own team, her own way that may lead her back to her dream, to her desire. She felt at home when staying with her crazy colleagues – they called themselves crazy people because craziness must be the first thing they need to join in that group – being crazy about children’s study, crazy about finding a way to let children feel happy when they go to school, crazy about helping children design themselves – more than everything, they were crazy to let children be themselves.

As people usually say, nothing can come easily. To do a right thing might be much harder. She got the first difficulty when she tried applying her new way to teach children. It was not because the theory she followed but her ability to attract little children’s attention. Last time she had been pretty satisfied with her ability but facing those little children, she saw her weakness. She needed to practice much more. Feeling a bit tired and sad after an unsuccessful lecture but she was glad and she saw that she was nearer to her dream than ever. Well, when teaching she could feel happy again. After all that’s good news, isn’t it?


22 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. 😉 it is good news, Mit … very good news … as well as it reminds me of how I felt when I was starting to work with children … nearly by accident, 30 years ago 🙂 … 'though I never wanted to be a teacher … and in the the end I've been taught so many things about life and myself by the children … there are rarely people who are teacher by nature … the old crazy man, of course and luckily you got to know him … and I myself know two or three people being teacher by nature … you will make your way … it's in your :heart:

  2. Thanks, Carol :heart:It's about me 🙂 I haven't stopped teaching but keeping inspiration to do that isn't easy 🙂

  3. Teaching is learning! Who told me that? :sherlock:Anyway, working with kids is more tricky than working with grown ups. I`ve seen part of it by teaching my students martial arts. Grown ups respect you by your knowledge and position. Children don`t care about that. You have to deserve their respect by teaching them :up:

  4. Carol, :heart:Jelly, thank you very much :)Dirk, thank you.I'm trying my best now :happy:Darko, yes, we learn new things every day :up:Originally posted by gdare:

    working with kids is more tricky than working with grown ups

    that's true 😀 Those kids made me much more tired than high school students.Originally posted by gdare:

    You have to deserve their respect by teaching them

    I'm working on it :up:

  5. Originally posted by thaodp:

    I'm trying my best now

    :heart: I'm sure you will … and you deserve to succeed … Mit, I've never been a teacher by nature … but you will go this way and you will be :heart:GREAT TEACHERS CHANGE THE WORLD :up:

  6. Hiếu, sorry I missed your comment last time. We always have a lot of things to learn to be a good teacher 🙂 Carol, I played with some little children today. One of them reminded me of your little princess. How's she?Dirk :happy:

  7. Hi Mit, :awww: Kids are so much fun to play with. Destiny is doing good I think, been a couple of days since I seen her. I miss her so much. 🙂

  8. Originally posted by Dacotah:

    Kids are so much fun to play with

    That's so true 🙂 I'm glad that she's doing good :love:

  9. Teaching is not easy job…I really understand how it feels when teaching motivation is not as strong as before. luckily you have gained back all teaching spirit with you. Being teacher is great, and I am sure that it makes you a great teacher who changes the world…Have fun with the children and you will find a way to go into their world.Never ask children to understand the adult because they have never been adult but Adults must be able to understand children because the have been children.

  10. Thank you, Teresia. I've seen how lovely your little students are and I'm sure you are a great teacher 🙂 Originally posted by There2ia:

    Never ask children to understand the adult because they have never been adult but Adults must be able to understand children because the have been children.

    That's so true 🙂 Understanding children is the best way to work with them and I'm working on it. I still haven't had much experience.

  11. :up: Yea… sometimes it isn't easy to work with little children. Teenager or adult easier to teach. But… playing with the little children very fun. So it's better combine between playing and study.

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