A piece of my daily life

If you were my neighbours you would hear a "sweet" voice:
“Hello Lady, you're back. How’s your morning?”
“Hey kid, do you hear anything about Mrs X?”
“Kitty, what are you going to do this afternoon?”
“Old cat, hurry up!”
“Puppy, I want to go to West Lake. Will you go with me?”
“Yeah, my dear friend, let’s go!”
“Wow, today you look very well, duckling.”

You are thinking that I talked to many people? Heehee, no – I just talked to my roommate. Well, I rarely call her by her real name. She has been used to being called by any name I like at the moment we chat, well, that’s fine. My other close friends are familiar with my habit as well. I guess for many people it is not easy to get used to with, right?

One of my colleagues told me yesterday that her 2-year-old nephew likes to called himself as Little Cat and names my colleague – his aunt – Brother Dog (Why Brother? I don't know). His mother has had the new name Crocodile for months. He also names his father Mr Tiger. He only names who he loves. My little students name their friends Sweet, Candy, Puppy, Big Bear, Pink Piggy… It’s funny when you hear they call those names.

So, do you mind if somebody gives you a new nickname with a bright smile? 🙂


38 thoughts on “A piece of my daily life

  1. i do not mind mit, sukma used to call me oi, as i had joked when we met that people just call me oi, like this,….oi you, go and get the tea, oi you, go and get my shopping, ha ha , so for the first few weeks she called me oi, ha ha , dung called me mr shrek. 🙂 i liked that one, i am also called by a few people, "anh hai, anh trai, su huynh, kak, kakak, kakakmu, bro, brother, shrek, john, my brother, my bro, so you can call me anything you like mit, as long as you always call me your friend i will always be very happy, 🙂

  2. I am well known among my friends as Dare, King of Snakes :king: 😛 Of course, it makes sense in Serbian language, as a rhyme:Dare, DareZmijski Care!!!:lol:So, if it is not offensive, I don`t mind :DOld cat!? 😆 😆 😆

  3. Carol, hihi, I'm glad you don't mind :yes: Mira, I have some nicknames, too – not as much as nicknames I give to my friends 😀 John, haha I have known that you have many nicknames but not the long list you give here 😎 Darko, Kings of Snakes? so cool :yes: Originally posted by gdare:

    Dare, DareZmijski Care

    do I hear you singing? :p :lol:Old cat – yes, that's one of her best famous nickname :DHieu, sometimes you have a nickname without any reason 😉

  4. Nicknames? It depends of the nicknames given, mostly my nicknames are parts of my real names. my family calls me Utari and my friends who are close to my family. My Senior high school friands called me Ter. The teacher in a kindergarten where I taught call me Tris. Ipul and my neighbor call me AU (ak uk)…Names of some animals are obvously rude in Indonesia. some that I have heard are Wedus ( goat ), Pitik (chicken) monyet (monkey) … My Parents told me not to call someone with a name that it is not their names because it is impolite.

  5. Originally posted by pthhieubilly:

    Each member of my class has nick name with specific reason except me.

    hihi, so you're special, Hiếu 😉 Hi Carol :love: Have a nice weekend :yes:Teresia, That sounds like a way to shorten your name 🙂 When I was at high school, in my classes there were usually some people had the same name as mine so my classmates usually added the word "fat" or my surname after my name 😀 We still keep this habit now. Some used to call me Bao Công – in the name of a character in Chines films 😆 You may want to take a look: 😆 My close friends who studied together with me at university and my colleagues usually call me Mit, like Opera friends :)In Vietnam, animal names are also rude if people call them with angry voices but they are lovely if being given by close friends/relatives together with friendly voices. With some kinds of animal, grown animal names are usually considered offensive while baby animal names are lovely, for example, chó (dog) is offensive while chó con/cún con/cún (puppy) is a lovely nickname.

  6. Originally posted by thaodp:

    but they are lovely if being given by close friends/relatives together with friendly voices.

    "Old cat" is still hilarious!!! :jester:

  7. I know this character… I like him I used to wacth the film Judge Bao…being calm and wise… and a very good listener… Yeah that is one of differences of naming… or I am a little different about this… because I know some people calls their friends with names of animals…

  8. well what would u say if i told u that i have the same habit actually every time i call her by anew nick nameone time i call her my princess another time i call her my dear neighbor and the third time i call here my apple and so on :left:

  9. 🙂 'though I know it's impolite … in Indonesia … changing names and mixing up nicknames … 😀 I can't resist and I do it all the time … at least with my loving wife 🙄 … "duckling" was on my list already 😀 …

  10. Darko, that's why I like to call her by that nickname 😆 :lol:Teresia, I like him, too. However they named me after his name because I have a scar on my forehead that reminded them of his forehead 😆 We usually said that it would be perfect if it had the crescent-shaped like his 😀 Most children here have nicknames at home as name of animals or plants.Carol, it was a great weekend, dear :heart:Dirk, nice choice 😀 Rania, hehe, I think you and I are in common 😆 I can't remember how many nicknames I've given to my sister up to now 😆 😆

  11. Oh, your post has awakened many memories in your readers. That is the case for me too. It reminds me of an American short story writer who used this practice in his stories.

  12. No, I don't mind, too. 🙂 But, as Dare the King of Snakes 😀 said, I wouldn't like nicknames to be offensive.Originally posted by There2ia:

    not to call someone with a name that it is not their names because it is impolite.

    I agree with you, Teresia. :up: Only call someone who I know better and if he/she agrees.

  13. Originally posted by AnitaMargita:

    I wouldn't like nicknames to be offensive.

    Neither do I 🙂 You two make me hungry. It's time for dinner now :chef:

  14. If nicknames are cute and sweet, I don't mind them at all. My sister had one for me when we were kids. She didn't like me around. Can't think of what it was but I'll bet she remembers it.

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