A legend of the daisy/ Sự tích hoa cúc trắng

It was very long time ago, in a village there was a little girl lived with her mother in a small house next to a huge forest. Her father had died before she was born. Her mother loved her very much and worked hard to take care of her. The little girl loved her mother, too. She always tried her best to make her mother happy.

Sometimes life was not as easy as we wished. The mother got sick one day. The little girl asked for help from everybody she knew but nobody could help her mother. She was worse day by day. The little girl cried and prayed for her mother every day and night. She promised that she would do anything that helped her mother get well again. Moving by her love for her mother, a fairy showed up and told her to go to the forest, looked for a white flower. The little girl was told that the number of petals of the flower would be the number of day her mother could live. However, it would be very difficult to find out the magical flower. She would have to go through many wild trees with their thorns willing to hurt her. She had to face with wild animal which would scare her. The little girl got worried but she decided to take her chance. She asked her neighbors to look after her mother while she was away. She started to go and her heart was filled of bright hope.

She had been to the forest but that was the first time she came to there alone. She was afraid of every sudden single sound she heard. Her feet got hurt because of walking too much. Her face and her hands were scratched because of sharp thorns. Getting tired but she still tried not to stop for any second. She told herself that she must find the magical flower as quickly as she could. She got worried a lot if she could come back on time. Finally, she saw the flower blooming. It was very beautiful. The little girl shouted aloud for joy. She did a dance before picking the flower up. However, she got sad when she looked at the flower carefully. It had three petals. That meant her mother could live three more days. She even could not come back home in three days. The girl cried badly. She wondered why it was so hard to save her mother’s life. Trying to recall what the fairy had told her, the little girl suddenly realized that the fairy did not tell her how many petals the flower could have. She had an idea so she tore three petals into many smaller petals. She did very carefully. Finally she had a beautiful white flower with hundreds of petal.

She went back home hurriedly. When she arrived home, her mother could get up and welcome her.The mother got well and they live happily. The girl whispered her great thank to the fairy who she did not meet again.

The little girl believed that the magical flower helped her mother get well but her mother always told her that it was her endless love that swept all her illness away. People called the flower hoa cúc (daisy) and planted them in their garden. This kind of flower was not only used as ornaments for their houses but also was used as a medicinal herb. Every time you saw a flower you could see the light of love that the little girl spent for her mother.


15 thoughts on “A legend of the daisy/ Sự tích hoa cúc trắng

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