Chả chay

I had a chance to see some people preparing vegetarian food yesterday and I was really curious. There was a dish that looked very familiar to me so I asked a woman about it. She was very nice to tell me how to cook it and said that I should try at home – it is very easy – she promised me.

The butcher was quite surprised when she asked me to buy some meat but I said that I would take a vegetarian meal. My roommate looked at me with her worried eyes because she knows how my trial could be – sometimes, yes, it’s just sometimes. Finally she could smile and enjoyed her dinner. You know what? She said that next time I should cook more.

If you get bored with meat, you should try to make “chả chay” (tofu wrapped in pepper leaves). If you ever try "thịt lợn cuốn lá lốt"(pork wrapped in pepper leaves), you won’t get any trouble with this for sure:
150-200g tofu
10g dried Jew's ear mushroom
10g dried shiitake mushroom
3 bulbs of onion
Green onions
Pepper leaves

– Wash pepper leaves then put them in a basket to dry. Pick some leaves and slice them into small pieces – put in a bowl.
-Put all Jew's ear and shiitake mushroom into a pot of hot water for 10 minutes.
-Chop bulbs of onions, green onions, Jew’s ear and Shiitake mushroom into very small pieces – put them in the bowl.
-Grind tofu, put it into the bowl, too – add salt and mix all.
-Put a piece of that mixture on a top of a pepper leaf and roll it and so on.
– Heat your pan, put oil (not too much) and fry all rolls until they get crisp. Pick them out and you can enjoy now.
You can eat them with rice and boiled vegetables or whatever you want.


21 thoughts on “Chả chay

  1. well Mit i know a lot of vegetative recipe if u want i will give u it .i'm sure that u and ur friend will like itany way thanks for the recipe

  2. Lovely! :lol:So this is actually an universal recipe you can combine with almost any kind of other food. I like! :up:

  3. :chef: … that looks good … been vegetarian the last 35 years … and it's really good to know recipes from all over the world :chef: 😉

  4. here one recipe which my mum gave me olive oil onion chopped to slicestomato chopped to squares squash chopped to squares first of all fry the onion with olive oil till it wilt, then add the squash stir till it gain the onion's taste then add the tomato , Sault then cover the pot and wait till it is cooked completely u can replace the onion with the garlic and squash with green bean which is chopped to slicesorry i there is no accurate amount cause when i asked mum about it she told me that she doesn't use it at all

  5. David, Thanks 🙂 Originally posted by Schalandra:

    So this is actually an universal recipe you can combine with almost any kind of other food

    yeah, and you should try :Dbtw, your blog looks brilliant :up:Dirk, 35 years? wow, that's another surprise 😎 Darko, yes, it does. hehe, and you can see the ones with meat and even beef, right? 😉 My belly is singing :lol:Rania, thank you a lot for the recipe. I'll cook it at the weekend 🙂 Originally posted by raniakasim:

    sorry i there is no accurate amount cause when i asked mum about it she told me that she doesn't use it at all

    No need to be sorry, I usually don't either 😀 I just estimate when I put them here 😀 Carol, you are welcome 🙂

  6. Mit, this looks inviting! :up: Must try it someday. :)Btw Rania, thank you too for the recipe, the dish sounds delicious as well. :up:

  7. Except for the mushrooms, it sounds delicious. I'm not sure I'd be able to find the leaves here but could possible use grape leaves like in Greek cooking.

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