Meow…. meow… meow… it is tết, it is my time

That must be what our cat said when going around our house. He had just won a great victory: catch five mouse on the last day of the Tiger year. My mom was very surprised. Well, it was for Tết, he would answer proudly.

It was very cold when I came back home. I thought I had been used to with that crazy weather so it could not give me any trouble. I was wrong. I got cold and then, coughing for some days. Hmm, I had planned to visit our relatives (on my mother’s side) with my mom and my sister before tết but getting sick made me cancel that plan. When my mom and my sister went, I intended to stay in bed for all day to get over that silly cold. This planed was destroyed, too. A pack of bird, nearly a hundred bulbuls I believed, were very excited with china-berry fruits in our garden so they called each others and woke me up. They must be afraid that I would feel alone so they stayed there and sang for the whole morning, then going somewhere else to rest in the noon and coming back in the afternoon. Soon they showed me that their timetable was fixed, hehe. They must know that they are always safe when playing in our garden.

At the first time I cooked since I came home, I gave my mom, my sister and her friend a chance to taste undone rice. They comforted themselves that was the sign of good luck, hehe. That was one of many reasons my mom and my sister decided they would rather cook our meals. Their delicious foods always were too attractive to me to resist. When I prepared to go back here, my mom had to say that she thought I should buy a new pair of shoe and restart my morning exercise. However, they still dared to let me boil bánh chưng (and their worry only left when they saw all bánh chưng were welldone). This year all of us liked to eat bánh chưng so we had a place of bánh chưng for every meal. A new thing of this tết was my sister decided to make lạp xường (sausage). I had not known that making it cost a lot of time. Seeing my sister and I made it, my mom laughed and said that we should have prepared for it for long time before. We always have a lot fun when making food together.

This year I could not come back on my grandpa’s birthday so he kept some delicious foods for me. When I ate all those foods that make me full, my grandma asked me to make a haircut for grandpa. She told stories about their youth, about their siblings while I cut his hair short. My grandpa has two sisters and five brothers. One of his sisters just called and said that she would visit us on the fourth day of New Year with some of her sons and daughters. I teased grandpa who was the most handsome guy in our family when he was young. He smiled and said “well, who knows?” but my grandma laughed and said “of course that was your grandpa. He is always the best. You think why I married such a lazy guy like him? hm”. My mom could not stop laughing. She told me that I would be starved if I were a hairdresser. Nearly an hour after that I finished. My grandma said it was nice. My grandpa satisfied with his new hair. Well, I would open a hair salon with “Grandpa” written on the signboard one day, who knows.

Like other Tết, we had a lot of get-together meals with our uncles, aunts and our cousins. Tết is time to family reunion and I enjoyed every minute of this Tết. Staying with family is always a great time.

Hope the Cat brings much happiness to everyone in this New Year :heart:


16 thoughts on “Meow…. meow… meow… it is tết, it is my time

  1. i was right mit, it was worth waiting for :happy:i am sorry you also got sick at the start of your holiday, it looks like both of us have the same problem, our bodies dont like us resting from work 😆 😆 did you mean to serve the rice uncooked? so they did not ever ask you to cook again? ha ha , nice plan if it was ha ha , and it seemed to work too mit, 😎 :yes: i like your grandma mit, ha ha , she sounds like a very funny person to spend time with, i bet that is where you get your sense of humor from, 🙄 😀 😀 i am glad you did enjoy most of your holiday, and did not let the cold keep you from having fun for long :)another great blog mit, thanks for sharing your tet with me and others who can not experience it for themselves :happy: :happy: :happy:

  2. Do you congratulate Tet to each other, like: Happy Tet, or something similar?:sst: pretending that you don`t know how to cook is smart 😉 now everyone will cook for you 😀 Now that I know your secret you will have to bribe me to keep it that way :whistle: Some meal would do :chef:

  3. John, thank you :)Originally posted by shreklookalike:

    did you mean to serve the rice uncooked? so they did not ever ask you to cook again?

    :sst: Aww, don't say that aloud, John :left: :right: About my grandma, she's a funny person if you don't mess up her house 😆 Darko, yes, we do. Wishing others a Happy Tet before coming to our hometown for Tet and A healthy and wealthy year when meeting someone during Tet. Originally posted by gdare:

    pretending that you don`t know how to cook is smart now everyone will cook for you

    Thanks, but I did not pretend, they do know how bad I am at cooking things, I just showed them how improve I was after a year 😆 :sst: That works well 😆 :lol:Some banh chung and onion pickles are always ready:

  4. you are welcome mit, :left: :right: 😮 😮 😮 oops, sorry ha ha , i think most grandma's are the same mit, i think it is because it takes them a lot longer to clean than when they were young, so even just a little mess means an hours work for them, 🙂 and gets in the way of their knitting and resting time, 🙂 :left: :right: :nervous: hope your gran will not read this :p 😆 😆

  5. 😆 😆 😆 😆 or she will think you are going fishing, 🙂 have a very happy friday my friend, :happy: :hat: :hat: :heart:

  6. Originally posted by Mit:

    Hope the Cat brings much happiness to everyone in this New Year heart

    We shall do our very best. :happy: Happy tet, Mit. :heart:

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