Autumn trip

When I decided to give myself a week off, my sister told me that it rained a lot there. When I was on a bus to come back to this city, it also started to rain again. And, the whole week I was there, it did not rain at all. That is the first things to tell you I had a great week.

As some of you know, I was too busy lately that I did not have much time to write here as often as I wish, and did not comment on your posts either. I was (and am) happy with busy time but lot of work also made me feel tired, feel tress. When the plan was done, I felt empty, like a battery that needed to be recharged. Going some places around did not help me much. And it was time to take my second trip to Hà Giang, I told myself. (You can read something about my first trip here)

After taking a bus to Hà Giang, my sister and I went to our destinations by motorbike. This time we did not spent much time at the karst plateau, just came back to visit Fairy Bosom mountains and looked for a kind of flowers.

Our goal was to discover some other places that people usually mention beside the karst plateau.

My lungs were fulfilled by pure air of the mountain. My eyes were satisfied with the zigzag roads, terrace fields, small streams, and specially, with the bright smiles I ever met.

My ears were lulled by the sound of water, the sound of buffalo neck bells that I have missed for so long. My heart was taken away by many different kinds of wild flowers. And I love so much when sitting on grass, next to a beautiful lake to see many water buffalos grazing, to see young people playing soccer. I thought if I lived near that place I would spend a lot of time there, just walking around or reading books. Well, doing nothing but sleeping on the grass is also a good idea to consider.

We also saw some people collecting straw on the field after harvest season. Their shadows were fading in the sunset. The special fragrance of fresh rice was still in the air, especially the smell of fresh sticky rice. It reminded us about our childhood with many games we played on the field.

I think I start to know why people keep coming back to visit this place.



Autumn has walked a half of her way but I hardly saw her until today. The fragrance of hoa sữa told me that she is really here. The light wind let me know she is happy to be seen. And a picture for you to feel her breath.

To you

(Image by Phuong Hoa)
I dare not to look at you again
You’re so gentle – my eyes cry
I dare not to look at you again
You’re just silent – my heart forgets her rhyme
I dare not to look at you again
You’re always there – my soul gonna fly