Long stories

On a crowded road. A man and a woman were riding a motorbike. They moved rather quickly. Suddenly the motorbike went on zigzag for a second and bang – it slipped and laid on the road. The accident seemed not to be too terrible as the two people could get up right after that. People on the road were slow down to make sure they didn’t hit them. Some young men stopped, prepared to see if they could help. The man, didn’t turned his head to look at the woman who was trying to stand straight behind him, angrily shouted to another man driving some meters ahead: “Stop! Stop right now! You’d better stop! I’ll kill you! How could you drive so silly like that?”

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Our new friend, Der kleine Wassermann (The Little Water-Sprite)

Last Saturday, I was introduced to a very lovely friend, Der kleine Wassermann (The Little Water-Sprite in English) in a Children reading morning during European Literature Days in Hanoi. I sometimes take part in such kind of activities but this time I had chance to enjoy as a guest. This is how people tell about the story: “One spring day a little water-sprite was born in a mill pond. Like all true water-sprites he had webbed hands and green eyes and hair. As soon as he could swim he explored the cool green world of the pond, and was even allowed to visit the world outside, as long as he did not let his feet get dry! The curious and cheeky little water-sprite had lots of adventures both in and out of the pond. Sometimes his fun and games got him into trouble, but life was always exciting”(From Goodreads) Continue reading