Remarkable note

Sitting in my room, listening to the sound of rain outside, I realize that the autumn is nearly over and soon I’ll see winter come. Time always flies quickly than we imagine. I don’t remember which the date it was when I smell the fragrance of milky flowers the first time this year. I only remember that it was a rainy night, I was driving hurriedly to get home and suddenly I felt the familiar fragrance that gave me goose bumps. I thought that when I got back to my corner, I would have turned on my laptop and wrote down something to mark that moment, now I know I forgot to do that. I seemed to forgot many things this year – much more than usual. One thing I don’t want to forget, that’s my sister’s wedding day, so it’s stuck here to remind me every time I wonder: 20th September. Now my sweetie has her own family and I’m sure she knows how to keep her house full of happiness.