Farewell the Little Twinkling

Have I ever thought much about you
Before the day got the news?
So sad but true
I just took the chance to have you in my life for granted
And then suddenly
We had to say farewell
Slowly I’ve realized that I lost a very special one
Never again I have my second chance
Now in a far far away place where you belongs to
Please be happy as you are always meant to be.


Story about a lazy way

Today, I brought a special copied of a story when came to a little friend. The story was written to put in one of our books. We printed it as a small secret exercise for our students in a “lazy way”: giving children more space to show themselves. Anyway, when I gave the 8 year old boy the book, he looked at the front cover and said:
– You group made this. I saw the name.
– Yes, you’re right.
A while later he shouted with joy, pointing his finger:
– Wow, I know what it is for – it is for drawing, isn’t it?
– Oh, how do you know?
– Well, I just read a little, and looked at the empty rectangle here and I knew it. But, why the artist didn’t draw a picture here? He must be very lazy that time.

I didn’t say anything but smile. This little boy has some of our books, the literature books, and he has read them for many times. He even realized which illustrations there belong to the artist who has illustrated most parts of our literature books.

The boy kept turning page to page. I waited for him to see the last page, and yes, he reached it and talked aloud:
– Oh, look, even the author of this story is very lazy!
I tried not to laugh: “Why? What do you have?”
– You should look at this page. There are many places the author didn’t write, I’ll have to write down myself to read. Here, here and here. Oh, how lazy!
– Do you like to write yourself to complet the story?
– Yes, of course. I’m good at imagination, you know.
– Yeah, perhaps the author knew that already and wanted you to write there.

He came back to the book. He looked at the front cover again, and then the back cover. He called me (again):
– Oh, you look at the back cover. There’s nothing here. Why he was so lazy?
– Who?
– You know who! You see this book (stopped and picked up a book), he drew some sails. But this book (he turned back to our special book) he didn’t put anything on its back cover.
– Well, I don’t know.
– Hum, so I’ll have to help him to draw the cover, I guess.
– If you like to do so.

And so he was excited to pick up his pencil. I think next time when I come there I should borrow the book to see how it has changed.

A farewell to our General

“General Vo Nguyen Giap has passed away”, I got the news on Facebook yesterday at about 7pm – one hour after his leave. The first thought appeared in my mind that I was happy for him and congratulated on his leave – and yes, I am happy for him now. His time came and he left this world, but always remains in my memory as a great person. I couldn’t count the time tears shed in my eyes when I heard something about him – they weren’t all about his talent, his famous victories but also his weakness. In my eyes, he wasn’t a legendary person, he was a man who usually did what he believed that was the right thing to do.

I wished to share the feeling at that moment with my special friend who would understand exactly how I felt. Now, in the second thought, I believe we did share that moment already, no need to wish. In the other world, perhaps my very sweet friend and him already met.

Some minutes ago, I read a status in which one of my friend said that the people will farewell the General (as we always call him) no matter there will be a state funeral or not, and respectably congrats on his passed away – yeah, that’s all I wanted to say.
The General at his house – picture by Duy Anh