Special things for a special day

20th November is Teacher Day in Vietnam. Coming into my classroom, I was blown with wishes from my little students. It was so great to be in a hug of a dozen of little children. Their smiles melted my heart. They were so eager to tell me what they had done and what was the best thing they got during their day. Looking at their bright eyes, I had the feeling that I was there with them, seeing what they had seen, doing what they had done. And that was the way we started our class.

A girl, who cried a lot on the first day her mom took her to the class, didn’t dare to come in, now said to her mom that she couldn’t wait to come here. Whenever I gave a task, she was one of the first students who raised their hands and of course. She didn’t hesitate to stand in front of others, played a girl who lived on searching for things in a dump area, or a girl who was trying to find if there was any of her books could be used after a flood. Moreover, she has started to come to help her classmates when she saw that they got confused or had a trouble with their tasks. Looking at her innocent smiles, I feel like I won a super prize.

When we finished the class, another girl came to me and said that she was waiting for me. I was so surprised to hear that  as she didn’t study with me today. She is 7 years old, takes part in a literature class with me. She is also a member of my reading club. If you met her, you’ll be impressed by her smiles and her sweet voice. She always has a lot of things to surprise others. Once, she was in charge in the Question-Ask part at a reading. As our rule, she had to prepare five questions to start the Question-Ask, and, before the reading day, she told me that she had more than 30 questions. Today, she blew me with this – one of her own paintings:

All these special things made my day so special 🙂


A very nice guy you might want to talk

Last week, when preparing for a round table which was about how to help children to be independent, I met a very special guest. He was so sweet that he came straight to me, smile and asked me in his sweet voice: “Do you remember me?” Of course I remembered him, how could I forget such a handsome and kind guy who always take good care of his friends even though sometimes his friends don’t know about that!

Seeing that I was busy to take other guests to their places, he came to say hello to some others and they talked about something that made they laughed a lot.

The round table started. I took some notes about the progress of the round table so I could write something about it later. I noticed that he didn’t really enjoy what people were discussing. Soon he left his seat and walked around, with some others. They came to me, said that they would go outside and invited me to join them. I politely refused because I wanted to listen to the discussion.

They left for a while. Finally, when the time of the discussion was about 15 minutes to end, he came back to me, took my hands and said that: “You should come to talk to me, otherwise when this round table ends, I’ll have to go home so we can’t spend more time to together”. Well, I couldn’t say no to him, and didn’t want to say no to him, so we sat down. He happily told me about a lot of things – how he has studies lately, what he and his friends have been doing, what he likes to do, etc. And, he asked me if I knew about this and that, said that he could teach me if I wanted. So cute. This is me and him:Image