The story of the kindness

1984, in the setting of a post-war, poor and gloomy Vietnam, a documentary film entitled “The story of the kindness” by film director Tran Van Thuy searched for answer for the question “What is the kindness?” – That’s what I received when I searched for the film. What is the kindness? – I think it’s not too difficult to make a list of things you consider they are kindness however being kindness is never too easy. Watching this film, you’ll see a part of Vietnam society, not only in 1984 but also nowadays, well, a part of it.

One day, while driving in streets, my old friend told me some stories about his life. The 80 year old man has gone through a lot of things and of course has gotten tons of bitter, disappointed things. I was surprised and told him:

-Oh, really? Sometimes we’re lucky to meet kind people.

-No, it’s not sometimes. I always meet kind people. There are mostly kind people in the world.

– Really? I’m not sure about that.

-You must believe in good things to see good things happen. You must believe in kindness to see kindness and make kindness happen.



Note: 6 years of jumping online

Yeah, finally I got the stone. It’s a bittersweet when celebrating this here, on WordPress instead of My Opera – where I’ve stayed for 6 years. Having started to join the world of blogging since January 15, 2008 as the first post gone online, I’ve considered my blog as my online home so had to transfer it from to WordPress because My Opera will soon be shut down in March wasn’t a great feeling, not at all. Anyway, life goes on and we have to keep up with it so now it’s enough to feel lost.

Since I started to run my blog, I’ve also started to have friends not only from my country – Vietnam, but many other countries in the world. It’s fantastic. I didn’t think about that when I decided to write something and post it or ramble around. As a very lucky one, I’ve got the present I didn’t expect, or more exactly, didn’t know about it to expect: Get to know many kind people and having some of them as my dear friends.

For the last 6 years, many people have come and gone. Keeping in touch or leaving forever, everyone has their own reason. Some people chose to leave for their personal demands, some had to leave because their time in this world came to an end. I couldn’t explain why I cry when I read the very last words by Allan; jumping up and down when I read about a project of a blogger, who are not in my friend list, has run smoothly; clapping hands when hearing about the wedding of a couple I haven’t meet in person or got to know that a prince had been born in one of my online friends’ house. It’s just like in the daily life I face day by day, always full of surprise and gives me inspiration and of course annoys me sometimes.

Well, I thought that I would write down a list of what I believe that they are big steps for me and relates to online activities but now, writing these, I feel complete. No need to make that list, just enjoy the moment I have.