A little blue bird is singing

I think it has John Lennon voice: “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us…”

I has considered what I should write for my blog post lately – there were always too many things I wanted to write about: my mother’s garden, the safe of using food in Vietnam, my tiny library, my little friends, my textbook project… more and more things showed up. And then I haven’t finished any page yet. Finally, March is coming to end. I always think of March as my month and don’t want it to flip out of my blog without any mark behind…

Uh, I must say that Free Little Library now is in Vietnam – in both official way and in-official way. Many of you must hear about it, or see its little boxes of books here and there. I’m so glad that we have it here now. I’ve seen some pictures of birdhouse shaped boxes sometimes and known that people are free to take a book and leave one back to the box. “It’s brilliant”, I thought. But I’d never questioned how to do and hadn’t known there’s even an organization to set up those boxes. Until last week, I read one of my friend’s status about a project named Book Box. It is a project created by three young people, follows the idea of Free Little Library. Many people said that it is an utopia idea in Vietnam but not those guys and girls, and their friends. Not me either. We should believe in good things! Their first Book Box was opened last week in Ho Chi Minh City and they welcome anyone want to set up a book box themselves to spread it over the country. My friends, my students and their parents were very excited when they knew about the idea. I was given a duty to reach Book Box Team and told them what we wanted to do. So yesterday, our Book Box was launched in Hanoi.

The Book Box in our club

I couldn’t express my feeling when seeing my students come to the box with books on their hands, eager to explore the box and exchange their books. Parents also took some books when they were waiting for their children. “It would be hot now and people would care about it at first, but how long will you keep it to be active?” – I was asked last week. I don’t know how long and what I’ll do to make sure it run well, but I do know that if I’m eager enough, if I believe in it, I’ll find out and other people will join me.

A parent is reading while waiting for his children

Through Book Box page, I also got a news that two girls born in 1991 have started their own project to bring Little Free Library to Vietnam and now they became a member of Little Free Library. Their first little free library also launched in Hanoi yesterday. I’ll come to their place to meet them soon for sure. It is so great to meet someone who dare to dream and dare to live their dream like that.

And thanks to this project, I got information about a free library set up by a man who loves books so much. He has a website (sach100.vn) which let people borrow a book and send it to them for free. That’s so wonderful. And I still didn’t mention the founder of Bookization for Vietnam rural areas, who has organized thousands of bookshelves in many provinces…

Our Book Box today

All these things (and many others) has made my March a wonderful month.

You can see more photos update  in our club’s Facebook page album: My club’s Book Box album