There’s nothing to tell 2

– Hi!
– Hi you!
She smiled and opened her arms for a welcome hug and it turn out to be a big hug. When the skinny arms were around her and hold her tight, she could feel they were so close. As if they were meant to be together. Lately she hadn’t had the enthusiasm to hug people dearly like that. No one had ever realized the change, even her until that day. The hug gave her the power that she thought it had lost somewhere sometime. Some seconds were like thousand years.

When the hug ended, thousand years were gone but the power remained. They smiled again and went on their different ways.


There’s nothing to tell


– Hello, do you have free time now? I have a great project about drinks that can help you to gain 30 million a month. Would we meet to talk?

– Well, I have nothing to do with drinks.

– But you know many people. Let’s meet to talk, I think you’ll like it. It’s about some kinds of drinks from America, really good for your health and…

– I’m sorry but I have no time and no energy for anything but my own projects.

– Why don’t you try something new? Why do you have to keep yourself in a small box like that? You should open your mind and see what’s around you. I see the drinks project I am telling you will bring you a lot of money. You won’t have to do much, just meet to listen about it and introduce it to others so you will…

– No, I know what I want to do and what I should do. Sorry I don’t have any time to talk about your plan or to chit chat right now. Bye bye!



– Hey, do you have free time to chit chat now? Or in the afternoon?

– I’m free today but I’m not in the mood for meeting or talking to anyone. Just need to be alone.

– I see, take your time.

– Thanks.



Walking like a cat to get through a tiny lane which has many things here and there, I headed to the small vegetable stall I used to shop. I saw a woman trying to invite the stall owner to buy her last roses but she didn’t success. She turned to me when I arrived before I could ask her about those beautiful roses. Hurriedly I took too last bouquets while the stall owner was smiling and teasing me if I had enough vases to take all flowers. “Don’t worry, I would take some glasses to be my new vases”, I winked at her. Having them in a gloomy day somehow made me feel like I had sunshine in my hands.

These roses brighten my corner

These roses brighten my corner

For the first Vietnam’s Book Day

For the first Vietnam’s Book Day

When I type these letters, the first Vietnam’s Book Day was over for 1hour and 30 minutes. There were many activities all over the country. People talked about how important it is to read books and advised others to read books. They organized Book Festivals, Book Sale Spots…

At the Summer Book Festival

Last year, The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism informed in a press conference that the average Vietnamese read only 0.8 books per year from the library. One of my friends once told me that 40 years ago, anyone who could read loved to read books and tried to read books. I don’t want to talk about why and when it started to change. I’m glad we have such a day and the government seems to care more about reading. I’m more glad that many people give hands to change the situation of reading. Many groups call for books and bring them to people who want to read. Many parents talk about good books to buy for their children…

A new book I bought from Book Festival

A new book I bought from Book Festival: Have A Good Day

Today, I received a story from the one of my students’ mothers. She shared the chat between her and her daughter about a book we read and talk at our reading club last week, together with what she thought about the book. She also said that she has started the habit of reading with her child after discussing about reading topic with me and other parents. It was great to see how happy they were when talking, not about the book but about everything in their life.

Students are in love with books from Book Box

Students are in love with books from Book Box

I also received the first three Reading Diaries from students who took part in Bookworm Month – an activity I and my friends set up to encourage children reading habit. I was so surprised to see how creative they are to design their Reading Diaries in their very own ways, and how wonderful they are when talking about those books they read in the Bookworm Month.

Since the time we had our Book Box, I’ve seen my students reading every day, every time they can. When waiting to join a club, when waiting for their parents, or when they need to take a rest after doing something… they just go to the box, pick up a book and take a seat to read. They laugh aloud when they get a funny story. They are eager to bring a new book to exchange at Book Box. Looking at them and I told myself: For us, everyday is a Book Day.

Exchange book at Book Box

Exchange book at Book Box




It’s just that simple

I used to like to wear jeans and then one day I felt in love with dresses. After some days seeing me with my new styles, people started to ask me why I changed that way. Because I suddenly like it – I answered. No one took that as a real answer.


I used to keep my hair long and another day I got bored with it and decided to have a hair cut to keep it short. People asked me why I changed my style – and no one believed the reason was that I simply wanted to make it new.


I used to wear high heels and one day I felt that I need to make friend with sandals. People asked me the reason and as usual they didn’t believe what I told them.


It’s easily to see the change of one’s appearance and it’s normal here when people seem to care about the reason why she decided to change it. They just can’t stand the idea that the reason has nothing to relate to a man, to any man. They just can’t believe that 🙂