Buses during holiday time

This time, the weekend and the Independence Day are too close so most people decide to turn them into a long holiday. That means there have been thousands of people at bus stations to go back to their hometown – one reason I did not want to go buy bus. I was planning to come back to my town by my motorbike, stop over some place before the afternoon. However it started to rained nonstop from yesterday that made me change my mind. After a pretty long time, perhaps 5 or 6 years, I think, I joined the flow of people to the bus station for Independence Holiday.

I arrived there 1 hour and 10 minutes before my bus started, and some people were waiting for it already. 1 hour before the schedule, the bus appeared. I got into it hurriedly with some others, found a comfortable seat for myself. 20 minutes later, the drivers told that there were no seat left. People still came, tried to have a small place in the bus. When the bus started it journey to take me home, the number of passengers were double the limited number for such kind of bus. Bus staffs had to shut the door to stop people try to get in and told us to put the window’s carpets on. “If the polices see too many people in here, we’ll have to pay a lot of money. Traffic fine isn’t cheap today”, the bus driver said. Here and there, traffic policemen stood, looked at buses with angry eyes. Someone teased the bus driver: “Well, you get a cake, you must share them a cookie” and I heard the bus driver: “We always have to give them many cookie even we don’t have any cake, brother”. So people started talk about traffic policemen’ dirty activities and how to avoid them.

The bus driver announced that all passengers had to pay for the full ticket no matter you went for a short or a long distance. “You should understand for us, we have to pay for many kinds fee this occasion”, he said. All seemed to be satisfied because they could go as their plan.

When I came home, my nephew welcomed me with a big hug and wondered: “Did you have to stand on one leg? I heard papa said that there were no seat to sit at all these days”.


How many time do you listen to this song today?

I can’t answer my friend’s question. It rained the whole day today. As usual, when it rains or staying in a bus for a long trip, I turned on Hero by Enrique Iglesias. It is always in my list for such time although I can’t remember how I came to it. I usually have special feeling when I heard Enrique whispers at the beginning of the song, I even get goose bumps. Somehow, it really touches my heart. Therefore, sometimes I believe his whisper is the main reason I’ve listened to this song over and over again.

A branch of tree

In the afternoon, I was driving my motorbike slowly, wondering what I should make for my diner, I suddenly heard “crack, crack” and “boom”, a branch of a tree fell down in front of me, green leaves slipped on my hands. Someone shouted “Oh my!” Looking at the branch which was about 1 meter ahead of me, vivid on the ground, some of its twigs touched my front tire, I felt a cold in my skin. People in stalls on sidewalks cheered me up: “Wow, you’re so lucky!” Yes, I believe that. I’m still shivering now.