The first story of 2015

There was a fox who always carried a pen and some pages of paper when he walked around in the forest. One day, a wolf came close to the fox and asked him:
“Why do you bring pen and paper with you every time?” – the fox didn’t say a word. The wolf seemed to be angry and follow the fox, kept asking him that question. Finally, the fox came back to his house, took a very large page of paper and wrote: “I need pen and paper every time BECAUSE I AM DUMB”. The wolf couldn’t say a word.


I heard the story above today, from one of my little friends. We played “telling story game” that everybody had to create a story and tell others. He needed some minutes to come up with this one, and after that, some more stories has been started… I could see the concentration on his face and the eager in his listeners’ eyes who are from 14 to 83 – such a precious moment. He told me that he would start to write his stories in a notebook, calling them “Stories about things around us” and I would be one of three people who could read the notebook first – together with his mom and his sister. I think this is a great news for my 2015 🙂