Preparing for New Year

I was reading a novel in folder “Just for fun!” while my neighbors were hurried to get to the bus station. Some of them stopped and asked: “Why are you still reading? You should be hurry up and get everything ready to go home”. I looked at my narcissus and smiled, they were ready to be blooming during Tet. My parents said that they like this kind of flower so I bought some bulbs two weeks before to take care of them. Soon they would decorate our house with their beauty.


Banh chung for our Tet. They haven’t cooked yet. The short and small ones are made by me.


After ten hours boiling, all banh chung are ready to be served.

I was welcomed by the smell of tea leaves around the house. My family was waiting for me for the dinner. It was always so good when mom prepared foods and my sister brought for me some apples from our garden. My niece smiled in her sleep as if she knew I came home already.


Flowers are waiting


Bring sunshine into the night

This year, we didn’t only have peach flowers but also some kinds of daisy and narcissus. Many people believe that the more flowers you have during Tet, the more luck you get in the new year. “Well, if it is true, our new year must be full of good luck” – my mom said while helping me put our vases to their right places.


These banh chung will be on the tray to offer our ancestors

Two hours until New Year – The Year of The Goat – and the first narcissus flower is smiling to me. Banh chung are ready to offer our ancestors.


Happy Lunar New Year, everyone.