How many trees will still be here in this summer?

One day, I drove in a street and felt something wrong. There was something missing. And soon I realized that some trees on the sidewalk had been cut down. I didn’t need much time to find out that there would be many trees chopped down as this city had started to build its metro lines and work on beautification project. Cutting some trees because they are rotted, because they are dangerous – seems to be right thing to do if the number isn’t that big but decide to take down and replace 6700 trees, including century-old ones, should not be just a blink. Until now, there isn’t any document show the reason why those trees need to be cut, need to be replaced immediately this way. Questions have been given to authorities, and people here still receive no trusted answer. Many trees in the list are falling down every night or early morning. And in about two more weeks from now, all those trees will be disappeared as the plan.

6700 trees in Hanoi are cutting down

6700 trees in Hanoi will be like this?