Take note

The first monsoon has come here today, marked the first sight of winter, she is somewhere out there, waiting for her time to show up. People welcomed it by long sleeve shirts. More leaves said goodbye to the old trees on the sidewalk. Little girls jumped up and dow, calling their moms to join with them. Seeing them, I smiled and thought about a nice present I got today – some pictures of my niece, she has started to walk with mom and grandma by her side this month. It is one more month until her first birthday. She will do some more funny things on that day for sure ❤



New school year ceremony

Today, 5th September, most schools in Vietnam are going to have their new school year ceremony. This is one of the biggest events during the school year. All students come to school to take part in the ceremony. Many parents come to attend. Many VIPs are invited to make the school more ‘special’ in people eyes. And, all schools have started their daily schedule for two or three weeks already.

Normally, the principle will deliver a speech. A guest will come to the stage gives a speech too. Then, it will be the turn of a teacher, a parent, a student while all students sit in their chair, counting time. They will also have chance to listen to some songs, watch some dances…

This year, schools in Hanoi have the school year ceremony on the same day (as other schools in my country), at the same time. That’s the reason why traffic policemen have to worry a lot. Some newspaper told that policemen will control traffic at 340 key spots in the city and will organise 94 rounds of patrolling on the main roads. Hope this plan works so students and parents and teachers will be able to come to school on time for the ceremony.

It has been a long time since the last time I took part in a new school year ceremony, so I’d better go out now to be on time!

A new journey

From the beginning of this year, I started to join a new primary school and prepared everything to make it works. It has been strange for me to see myself in a daily office schedule. The best part of it is that I have a chance to work full time with those 6-year-old angles from the beginning and see them grows up day by day. I also have chance to use the textbooks as well as programs I’ve worked for years in my classes. Headache comes and goes. Funny things happen. Sometimes I feel lost and many other time, full of happiness. And it’s always great when having a day off to relax. Happy Indepence Day.

my class

Reading corner in my classroom. The bookshelf will be replaced by another new one soon.


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