It’s so cold


It has been so cold now, not only in Hanoi, I heard that on the news. Many places in Vietnam have snow – that isn’t a good news for residents for sure. Perhaps this winter shows more clearly about Climate change that everyone in Hanoi must pay attention. It was as hot as summer and after just one night, the temperature dropped under the lowest rank this city has had for years. As we don’t have heating system in our buildings, primary school students are allowed to stay at home when the temperature is below 10oC. Parents try to keep their kids inside. I heard from doctors that my spine doesn’t like cold weather at all, so I try my best not to go out these days, either. Keeping warm becomes a big duty to me. If I have to go out, I’ll look like a ninja. That really works, at least my neck and my shoulders haven’t gotten pain this time. Hope all of you are in good health.


Happy New Year

Yeah, Happy New Year to you all! How did you start your 2016?

Yesterday, I heard the word “procrastination” from “Here and Now” – an Ellen’s show on HBO. I still haven’t listened to the whole of it, and I’m not sure if I will, I just like that word. Perhaps because lately I’ve been procrastinated many things, much more than I’ve ever done before. That is not something you can be proud of for sure. Well, I should do something to change it – I’ve told myself several times. Looking at things I’ve done during 2015, I got two most important things: I decided to join a new journey – and then decided to get out of it – after some months I saw that I wasn’t fit for it and it wasn’t fit for me! I was worried that I would disappoint some people if I left so I hesitated… Finally, after a long time of procrastination, I made up my mind and had a seriously conversation to tell my decision, to let other know that I will go on my own way. I felt much more comfortable.

Two first days of 2016, I had to stay in bed because I got ill. My weekend was nearly over without doing something good for myself – it was unacceptable. Therefore, when I could get out of the bed, I gave myself a gift: a new bookshelf (again). I thought it would help to make my room become less messy. So I made a call to order a bookshelf. When it was brought to my place, I was really satisfied with it. I started to move books that I put here and there, arranged them nicely on the shelf. After about an hour and a half, I realized that I should order another shelf because there were some books near to my table, some books on my book boxes, some other books in my bed, some next to my lazy chair… “Well, I’ll have to arranged all of them again soon. Now I should prepare my dinner”, I told myself. Such a nice way to start year 2016, don’t you think? 😀