Finally they gave an answer

Millions of dead fish on Vietnam’s shore that made people worried this year. After three months, finally the goverment had a news conference to tell us the result of their investigation: “Based on the result of careful inspections and consultancy with international scientists, we came to the conclusion that violations in the construction and testing operation of the Formosa Hà Tĩnh Steel plant are the cause for serious pollution killing a massive amount of fish in these central provinces” – Mai Tiến Dũng, Chairman of the Government Office said. The company’s chairman, Chen Yuan Cheng, apologised in a film clip shown at the news conference. (Read more about the news conference here and about the dead fish here)

Soon there will be many people to write about this. Right now, I just feel like I’m reading a big joke. I wonder what game they are playing now when they can’t hide the truth that Formosa is the cause of dead fish in central provines?

3 thoughts on “Finally they gave an answer

    • I can’t agree more, Darko.
      Living here, reading the news, espeacially what Chairman of the Government Office said: Formosa “has apologised to the Vietnamese people and committed to compensate for its actions, and Việt Nam has a tolerance-oriented policy towards law-breaking foreign companies which readily admit their violations”, he hoped that Vietnamese people would show tolerant and clement attitude towards Formosa – I must admit that made me thought the goverment were working for Formosa, not for Vietnamese people and they wanted to forget the law. Anyway, if they really followed the law, not only the company, but also many people in the goverment and local authorities would have to take resposibility for this disaster. Well, if it really goes that way…

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