Natural shampoo

On the last day of the year, after making banh chung and many kinds of food for Tet, there is something you must do: washing your hair with herbal water – the natural shampoo that you can make at home.


Gleditsia fruits – if you don’t have much time to prepare, you just need them to make your own natural shampoo

All things you need to do is walking into your garden, looking for some kinds of leaves with good smell such as lemongrass, old coriander, holy basil… Picking them up, your finger will be cover with natural fragrance. Finding some pieces of pomelo skin, gleditsia fruits… After that, you wash them to make sure they are clean, dip them into a pot of clean water and boil them for about 10 minutes. After that, you put the water into a basin or a sink. You remove all the herbs and wait for the water to be cool. Using the water to wash your hair will make you feel so comfortable, so relax.

This year, as many other years, I told my mom to let me wash her hair. We talked a lot of things while washing it. And now, I’m writing this after washing mine. I have to tell you that I like using herbal water much more than using shampoo.


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