You may say I’m a dreamer

my student

11:58, the bell rang. The teacher smiled, looked at her students who had to study many lessons for 4 hours: We stop here! It’s lunch time now.
Students: No, teacher, the bell is early. It isn’t 12:00 yet.
Teacher: Maybe our clock isn’t right.Students: No, it works well. We want to learn for some more minutes.
Teacher: No, I’m so tired. It’s lunch time for you all now.
Students: Please let us learn with you for some more minutes. We want to do role-play one more time!
Teacher: You are hungry, aren’t you? Let’s prepare to go to the canteen.
Students: We still have to wait for 10 more minutes. Please, we want to keep learning this subject.
Teacher: Ok, if you really want to continue, show me!
And they worked together for 7 more minutes…

That was why after 4 hours of teaching, she felt as she just started for some minutes.


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