First day of school

Today is our first day of School year 2018 – 2019. All students came to school, some with their parents, some others by school bus. As my school is a primary and secondary school in the same campus, we have kids from grade 1 to grade 8 coming. New students seemed to worry, looking around with their curious eyes while other students laughing and talking.

I always want this day to be a very special day for students, filled with joy and happiness to start a new journey. However, many students, as I saw, didn’t feel that way. They had to take part in a ceremony that they tried to sit nicely, listened to teacher tell them what they should do during school year. That wasn’t something I love to hear for sure, or at least it was not the way I wanted to know about school rules and other things. This year, Back to School Night had been changed to be Back to school Afternoon. Therefore only parents of grade 1 and few parents of grade 2 – 8 coming. It was a pity, I think, because I believe that is a very important occasion for parents and teachers get to know each other, know how to work together to help students during school. As many parents couldn’t come, there will be more questions and misunderstanding things happen!

Luckily, we had some interesting time together. In the morning, teachers and students had time to introduce themselves, played some games. I met students I taught three years ago, when they were at grade one. Now they are in grade 4. They all told me that I should eat more to get taller.


Well, here are my grade 4 students (and yes, I’m wearing a 7cm high heel to standing with them, haha)