The longest Tet holiday ever

Coronavirus disease (covid-19) is the most popular topic we’ve talked lately. At the end of January, when we came back home from big cities for Tet, some people mentioned about a serious disease in Wuhan but most of us didn’t care much about it. Three more weeks, all people here talked about it because it was the reason our schools closed. For the first time in my life, all schools and universities closed.

Right now, when I am typing this blog, all kindergartens, primary and secondary schools have been closed. In Hanoi, high schools and most universities have been closed, too. In some other provinces, high school students started coming back to school last week. However, as the number of people got covid-19 comes from 16 to 38, perhaps all schools will be shut down again.

People worry about covid-19? Of course! We always know that we are neared to Wuhan than many other countries. And now when the disease in Wuhan seemed to be controlled, we can see the number of people get sick by the virus keeps rising up all over the world, we have more reasons to worry, right? The Ministry of Health (MOH) has informed us daily about how to protect ourselves from the virus, and other information that relates to the topic. I usually come to read at the Government Information FB page to get update about the disease, too.

I think people who got sick by the coronavirus have been treated well. Covid-19 patients have been brought to hospitals and taking good care. The government has quarantined all people who had contact with covid-19 patients for at least 14 days. All medical, testing, food while being quarantined is free.

What we do the most these days? Washing hands and turning this song on!

Well, I like the song so much since the first time I heard (and saw) it. So cute, huh? I heard that it has subtitle in 22 languages already 🙂 I’ve tried not to go out as much as usual and keep doing exercise to make sure I’m in a good condition. In January I had to spend a week in hospital for dengue fever, luckily it happened about three weeks earlier before covid-19 became serious so that time I just relaxed and waited for my recover.

My colleagues and I start to work at home last week – turn the online mod on! We do all the meetings online, working online and provide online courses for our students, teachers and parents. We haven’t met our students in person since 20th of January when the Tet holidays began. We said that this is the longest Tet holiday ever! I hope you all doing well!