My song

I don’t want to light any candle on my day

Your smile is all I need

I don’t want to have a cake

Your lips are sweeter than any things I could ever wish

I don’t want to cherish a song

Your whisper is the best melody

For my dream

You’re somewhere

Out there

And my world is complete

(23h15 – 18/03/2017)


To you

(Image by Phuong Hoa)
I dare not to look at you again
You’re so gentle – my eyes cry
I dare not to look at you again
You’re just silent – my heart forgets her rhyme
I dare not to look at you again
You’re always there – my soul gonna fly

I write this for you

For my dear friend’s birthday

On your day I do not pray
You are the one who makes everything go on the right way
So who would need to pray?
Always, we have the most wonderful present: today
So why don’t we cherish every second and try all its tastes, honey?

On my dear friend’s birthday
I just wanna say
You’re the one who can turn a gray day into a beautiful one
I love you,
I love the way you are
No border
No doubt
I love you,
I love the way you are
Keep enjoying your life
Keep following your desire
Keep doing whatever you like
‘Cause you are the only one who knows what is right

On your day
Running in the moonlight
Running in the sunrise
Looking into the sky
Looking into my mind
Always I see your smile
You are there and everything is so right

A dreamy melody

*Dedicated to my friends who find themselves dreamers*
No song embedding
No new writing
No new painting…
No, there’s nothing!
It seems you’re fading
She keeps coming
If you ever look into her eyes
You’ll understand why
You might say she’s just a dreamer
Just a silly child!
She doesn’t care many things that others might fall for all their lives
But she feels your tears falling inside
She doesn’t know many things that others might tell all days and nights
But she gives you her shoulders to lean on
When you’re too tired
She doesn’t see many things that others might keep for them twice
But she can look straight into your eyes
And hold your hands tight
So could you smile
And let yourself shine
For her coming tonight?

Feel the life

Running in the pure wind
Running in the pure light
Running in pure smiles
Taking deep breathes
Shining, your eyes
…To feel the life

And now, enjoy your rhyme 🙂