Homemade yogurt

Well, I must say that I love yogurt. My roommate and I have yogurt when hearing the call of foodies soul, or when we have eaten too many things and need something to make us feel, ah uhm, better (it does happen very often, you know).

I still remember the first time I tried this delicious food. It was when I was ten years old, leaving home to start a new chap of my life: living in a boarding school. My friends were at the same ages – ten year old children who were the first time left their house to living in a place they never thought about. I must say that we were worried a lot, felt sad sometimes, and some even cried a lot. There were nothing called cell phone at all. Our teachers had to take care of us, tried to make us feel at home and be happy to learn. There were two teachers lived at the same building with us. One day, when some little girls were crying because of homesick, one of those teachers came by, teased us and invited us to her room. She said that she had made something that she needed somebody try how it was. Curiously, we followed her and each of us got a tiny glass of something smooth and milky. I started to take a spoon of it and amazing, I felt so good. It was so delicious with the combine of sweet and sour taste, and a bit coldness of ice that came to my mouth. So wonderful! I did not know when my friends stopped crying, they were concentrated on eating the wonderful food – just like me! Our teacher said that was her homemade yogurt. You could guess how it would be to us when you know that, back to that time, for most of us, ice-cream was still a precious thing that rarely came to us by a pedlar riding his bicycle from village to village. Yes, of course, yogurt has become one of our most favorite foods.

Sữa chua nếp cẩm/ Yogurt mixing with fermented black glutinous rice – picture by Candycancook

Some years late, yogurt has become one of the most popular snacks/desserts. People can buy instant yogurt everywhere and many people make their homemade yogurt to sell together with other kinds of drinks. Nowadays, there are many kinds of yogurt for your choice: ‘white yogurt’ (means no fruit), fruit yogurt, yogurt mixing with grinded ice, café yogurt, yogurt mixing with fermented black glutinous rice… Ah, one of the most famous yogurts in Hanoi now is mít yogurt, uhm actually people know about it with the name jackfruit yogurt – sữa chua mít 😆 (There is a website named suachuamit.com also and the best jackfruit yogurt you’ll find in Che Hoang Anh, 22 Ba Trieu street). Well, just counting names and I want to have a cup of yogurt already! My university roommates and I had (and still have) been addicted to a food stall because of their homemade yogurt.

Sữa chua mít/ jackfruit yogurt – picture by Pikeletandpie

At home, my mother and my sister have made yogurt since we got our first refrigerator. And they are really good yogurt maker. Whenever I come home, I check the refrigerator to look for a cup of yogurt, no matter summer or winter it is. My nephew even said that he only wanted to have grandma’s yogurt and he still keeps his idea now.

After many years eating yogurt, this is the first time I make it and it isn’t bad at all 😀 If you would like to try Vietnamese version of yogurt, you should take a look here – a recipe I saw similar to what my mom told me – and was written clearly by a cookbook writer: Fun with Condensed Milk: Vietnamese Yogurt Recipe When the yogurt is ok, I prefer to put it into refrigerator to make it cooler/colder and also to keep it in good condition for longer time.

Mit’s homemade yogurt 😀