Mit’s singing

Yeah, and I’m singing loudly, you know why? 😉

When I was a kid, I dreamed this and that – I dreamed a lot. Well, you might ask that how many of my dreams came true? I don’t count or haven’t counted yet, but want to let you, my dear friends on Opera, know that one more dream in my list came true already: Having a small library on my own! :hat: :hat:

It isn’t a library with thousands of book, now I just have nearly 100 children books which I put at my parents house so my little friends living in the neighborhood can come and read whenever they want. As I couldn’t find a bookshelf without desk in my town, my parents will help me to make a bookshelf soon. The mini library started to open on Wednesday and these are my very first readers:

If you were there, you’ll love them for sure!


Update: The bookshelf I brought home

Just some books now but I'm adding more every month

Just some books now but I’m adding more every month