Is it only me? :)

Being woken up by a lovely message, I smiled to start a new day, new week. Driving in beautiful streets, I felt some drizzle rains kissing my face. Peaceful feeling was in my heart. I knew there were a lot of things need to be done, and somebody was worried a lot but in such a sweet morning, I did not mind, just wanted to enjoy the present of life. Who am I? Well, I’m the one who always loves myself the most.

Having some great novels in my bag, I wondered why I did not find some roses to make everything perfect. Suddenly it gave me chance to meet a nice woman that I wanted to hug her a bit. Sweet smiles, a gentle face and thoughtful words made her unforgettable. People usually said that meeting someone is arranged by fate, I don’t know what fate is but thank if it is really exist for a lot of lovely people I’ve ever met. Her vendor now is flowing in crowded street and beautiful yellow roses are brightening my corner by their happy song.
“Roses and novels
It is so sweet!
Without you
…I must hug myself”

Have a beautiful week :heart:
[A photo is here 😉 ]